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The decor of the Room, Small Double (34 Photos, Up 9 Tricks)

19 de Julho de 2020, 15:05 , por sandra felix - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.

At the start, as it's a popular phrase, when you come together with the toothbrush. All that was in the singular shall be read in conjunction such as 'we', and at the time of decorating your “nest” for the couple, and many of the challenges that may arise. If you are getting ready to decorate her new bedroom, so don't be shocked if your room is tiny! You can make an environment that is super welcoming and functional, with a little bit of working and planning!

1. Start with the bed.

Small Double bedroom

Good sleep is fundamental to health care, and investing in a new bed, it can be tough, especially if you will never be disappointed here. Because of this, you can start your planning to accommodate the first a double bed.

Check out the films of his new room, and here's what the bed is comfortable enough for the two of you. Don't be afraid to let go of the side of the bed. If your bedroom is really tiny, and pull over on the bed, on the wall, it might be a good solution for you.

2. To Explore the “dead” in bed

the fourth-in-bed-small (34)

The bed is only for sleep at night? Of course not!" If you have a small room, you can't afford the luxury of dispensing with a cc ever! Some bunk beds come with space for built-in access to bail , but the price may be a little steep.

If you are looking for some of option, on account, you use the boxes to organize, and other creative ways to use the space under the bed. Keep those spaces and items such as sets of towels, bed linen, duvets, handbags, jackets, winter clothes for the party.

3. Enjoy the colors of light in the environment

the fourth-in-bed-small (21)

Lighter colors possess the physical property of reflecting light, while dark colors absorb it. As I reflect back to the light, you get the feeling that the environment is larger and more spacious, a feature that is indispensable for a small room. For those who are afraid of the risks, and tones of pastels combined with bright colors, and low saturation, is your safe-haven!

But if you like a more a live-and color, then choose a place in your room is to concentrate the energy: - one of the walls, or your locker, or the bed, etc. When you choose a single focus, and the bright colors in the surrounding areas, you want the energy of what you want in your room without overwhelming the atmosphere.

4. Give priority to the simplicity of

the fourth-from-the-bedroom-small (2)

Many of the rooms may be decorated with furniture and objects full of ornaments, even in a small space, but be careful because it is easy to sin because of the excessive! When in doubt, opt for simplicity! In addition to less maintenance (cleaning), which are objects with less detail, to create a visual rhythm with a more calm and neutral.

If you are looking for a more romantic style, then a good tip is to only choose a couple of objects to work on the detail, or in a mirror, well-decorated, or one flower with a ruffled, or a lamp with a lot of style. Believe me, it is in a small room, less is more!!!

5. Come and Explore the “illusion of continuity”

room-for-bed-breakfast (29)

This tip is most useful, and is not in any place that you can find! This trick is to blend the wall in with some elements of the room such as the bed, for example. When you choose a color or a texture to the wall in the same tone, or with a drawing that resembles the object in which you are willing to face it, you can create an optical illusion that gives a bit more depth to the wall. It is as if the brain were to lose the reference of what is available in the room, and that it is a wall and stretch your perspective.

6. This should preferably be done at a walk-in clothing, “the invisible”

Wardrobe with door mirror

In the wardrobe, as well as the bed takes up a large space in your room, but it has the advantage of being movable vertically. To take advantage of this feature, and to invest in a wardrobe door full color, clear and with no drawers is the apparent (particularly if the organization is not his forte!), you can choose to have the doors as a whole in mirror (see photo above). In this way, you are going to keep your room is always in order (even though the inside of the wardrobe is in a zone.) and to keep the clothes “disappear” into the wall (it's the same principle as in the point 5 above).

7. Choose from light fixtures to high and soft

the fourth-in-bed-small (8)

If you are fond of the lighting fixtures, the most far-fetched and low-hanging), then try to get her to be the center of attention of your room, and then, a lot of the colors, the light and the neutral elements for the rest of the room. But if you don't make a point of a lamp is special, it look more plain (no ornamentation), and that they are closer to the ceiling. A device is legal to use the lamps, or lamp shades, stretched over the corners of the room. When you put on vertical lines, you can create a visual rhythm that enhances the feeling of space and comfort.

8. It has created, which is dumb, cross-functional

the fourth-in-bed-small (28)

If you have a (precious) espacinho between the bed and the wall, invest in a nightstand functional and beautiful. It is to make a book, it is a remedy, or the phone is being charged, the nightstand is a piece of furniture to be difficult to open by hand. Depending on how much space you have available to you, then you can take advantage of to make the shelves, and its sliding, and even have a small workbench in the place of a nightstand!

9. Use the mirror wisely

The mirrors are very much welcome to join if you are positioned opposite a light source, such as a window, for example. By doing this, you will “double” the light, leaving the environment even more broadly. But do not forget that the opposite is also true. If you were to put a mirror on the opposite wall, in a bookcase, or a corner of the room, which can be left in a mess, I can only imagine what you will feel like you have twice as much mess! So, when you choose the mirror to zoom in on your environment, you can be sure that it can be used to multiply the strength of your own room.

+ Photo of a Small Double Bedroom, tastefully Decorated, and clean

Check it out for the remaining 26 pictures that we have chosen carefully for you, then you should also read our article on the decoration of the room with two double beds.

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