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Software Is The Key To Betfair Profits

20 de Janeiro de 2018, 18:13 , por tory adams - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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If you want to take your betting on Betfair to the next level then you must consider a software interface instead of the traditional use of the website itself.

If you continue using just Betfair’s website, then you face a distinct disadvantage, particularly if you are keen on horse racing and not keen on doing all the maths yourself to work out how much to put on Horse A in order to guarantee a profit, or how much to put on 4 horses in one race to secure a return.

I don’t really fancy trying to manually calculate green up stakes in order to guarantee a profit, or trying to read the price markets to determine is a horse’s price is rising or falling when a bit of software will do this for me.

So what’s on offer in the market, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, what’s on offer at a price which will not have you getting out a second mortgage ( as I write there is one piece of trading software being sold for £2000 ( OUCH!) but the one bit of kit I use costs just $99 for a year ( yes that’s dollars!) – more on that later.


I will start off with the free software interfaces for Betfair that are currently on the market because, well, they are free! An ideal starting point for those on a shoestring budget . Betangel basic is free to download from The Bet Angel website as an enticement to Bet Angel Professional which is very costly and an advised purchase if you are a pro and making good money from Betfair already.

Betangel offers us an auto refresh facility, updating prices automaticall every 1 second. This is superb as it enables you to be right at the forefront of the price movements on the market rather than having to constantly click the refresh button on Betfair. For this alone Betangel basic should be used.

Betangel Basic also offers you the facility to green up your bets. Seasoned trader will know wht the term green up means. Simply put if you have, let’s say, backed a horse at 1.8, and it’s price has reduced to 1.7 , then you can lay the horse at 1.7 for the same stake that you backed it at 1.8 . What does this do? Well, firstly your stakes are returned and you have created a risk free profit on that one horse.

Personally I always like to spread the profit around ( I guess that’s just the kind of guy I am! ) and Bet angel basic will allow me to do this automatically by using its green up function .

Bet Angel basic also has a “weight of money” function, which can give you traders hints as to which way prices are likely to go for individual horses to enable you to buy low and sell high and create those previously spoken about guaranteed profits.

Submitting bets involves 2 of 3 different functions on the traditional Betfair website. Software like Bet angel Basic can submit your bets instantly with one click. This is IMPERATIVE for you in running backers, layers and traders as speed is vital in this area inparticular.

So for a free piece of software, this is a superb starting tool if you want to enhance your online sports betting experience .


The following piece of software I have used constantly since it was first launched and frankly I would never bet without using it. For me it is the best piece of software out there £ for £ than anything else on the market and all bases have been covered bar none.

So what is this bit of kit? Well, it’s called Fairbot and is available from the FairBot website at the already mentioned phenomenal price of $99 for a year’s licence.


Well where do I start?

The key features which make my trading and betting life a lot easier are similar to the betangel basic

Auto refresh every 0.1 seconds. This really is very helpful as it will enable you to see instantly the most up to date prices and enable you to forecast possible price changes, drifters and backed horses/teams on BetBubbles. In running, having the most up to date price automatically refreshed for you is a god send. The in running market is about being quick and reacting quick and this 0.1 second refresh enables this. For those who think 0.1 seconds is too fast, there is an option to slow down the auto refresh.

Trading and greening up with one click. For the traders amongst you, Fairbot will place simultaneous back and lay trades into the market at a predetermined price level. Again automation rather than manual submission is so much more helpful, and KEY – so much quicker. This is the one area in which Fairbot excels and trading can really be enhanced by the Price graphs for individual horses/teams. Now you can view how a horse’s price fluctuates – whether it’s been backed or opposed by the visual representations represented in the graphs. This function enables me to use my own individual trading technique to lock in guaranteed profits race after race.

Fairbot also allows you to back, or lay multiple horses in one race in order to win a specific amount, or by staking a specific amount. All of the calculations are done instantly with one click.

The weight of money feature allows you to see instantly which way the price for a specific horse is going – this is vital in order to determine which type of trade ( for those traders out there) you will be performing – back to lay at a smaller price or lay to back at a bigger price.

Greening up is done with one click. This facility allows you to profit regardless of the race winner by spreading the profit you have on one horse onto all of the other horses. This really takes the gambling out of horse racing.

The above are the main components of Fairbot and I urge you to take the 15 day trial. I will be more than happy to help you with any set up in order to optimise the software and will be writing up some guides on how to profit from Fairbot exclusively for Laytheodds readers.

The 15 day trial should convince you as to the software’s worth and, I will reiterate, for the cost, this is THE value for money piece of software on the market and, if used correctly, you’ll never need to return to – it’s become indispensable for me especially on the trading front where the price graphs on each horse are so useful.

So try it out – there’s nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain. There have been many enhancements in the year since I’ve had my Fairbot, and the software developers are constantly updating so you’ll get the most functional software.