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Check out the latest trends in interior design

17 de Julho de 2020, 14:47 , por sandra felix - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.

The decor is very personal, and it changes all the time. Trends come and go all the time, and every year something new comes up to complement any corner of your home. And it's this notion that the decor is never complete is that of the lovers of the decoration, you are always on the lookout for more ideas. It's no coincidence that Pinterest - the social network for the sharing of the photos used for inspiration - it has more than 14 billion worth of ideas for the interior decoration, and the demand for this subject grows by about 75% per year on the site.

In the annual report for the year 2018, the Distribution of this Report is on the website, select the ideas most in demand by their users. Take a look at what is out and about!

A bathroom with a guy in a spa

Not everyone has the privilege of being able to take a break and enjoy a day at the spa, right? But why not take refuge to relax for the inside of your home? This idea seems to jáestar in the minds of a lot of people. The style is inspired by the resorts, and the furniture is made of rattan and wood provide a relaxing atmosphere and peace with the environment. And are looking for ideas on how to bring them up to the inside of the house grew 269 percent, according to the survey.

The Mix of the metals

The trend is to mix different shades of metal. Sure, that rule of using only gold or only silver or only white wine. If in the past, the fashion was to combine the finish of all the metal elements of the décor, we want the most is to break out of any standard colour with this stuff. More and more, the lover of the decor, look for ideas in the mix black. On Pinterest, by searching for the combination that has increased by 423% over the last year. And don't think just of objects, the effect of the metal that comes from appearing strong, too, in diverse fabrics in the market, to be seen in the sofas, under the cushions, on the curtains. Even the walls can be given this brightness, with a sheet-metal covering the surfaces of vertical whole.

Flooring Terrazzo

The most popular decade is the 70's, the material was to be found in residential and commercial real estate and has appeared on the floor in the Italy of the renaissance. And, by all indications, he's back!!!

The terrazzo in Italian, “terrace” it has a concrete base, or resin, complemented with chunks and chips of marble, glass, quartz, granite, porcelain, and even plastic. The result is a coating which is polished to a high resistance, and aesthetic appearance is very interesting, and they're presented in numerous colors, textures, and compositions. Now he is back totally redesigned with the status of a luxury, and it takes sophistication to a variety of environments. It is possible to apply it to the work tops in the kitchen, on the walls of the boxing in the bathroom, on the floor, and even on the furniture.

Looking for ideas in this material has grown 316% in the last year. And the trend is that the terrazzo is to be kept in a high for a long time yet. Including, a few brands have even wallpaper inspired by the material.

The ceilings in the spotlight

Often overlooked, the ceiling can completely change the look of the environment, and, it seems, people have realised that. Looking for ideas to stop the ceiling diferentão has grown by 310% during the last year. And it's not just the color that makes the difference, is it possible to abuse the use of textures, prints and patterns there and on top of it!

And it is worth it all: timber, raw concrete, exposed beams, cement, burnt, colors, graphics and even the background wallpaper. The decorations, the more moderninhas for a more retro look, with a ceiling paneling brings a style and authenticity to any room.

Bone inlay

Calm down, it is not a bone in the real world. The practice of cravejar of wood with a bone is that of the Ancient egyptians. As well as the technique that is used to this day, but instead of bones it uses, and the ceramic has an air of craftsmanship to any garden. The search for inspiration right here, it grew by 207% over the last year.

The spine of the fish

According to a search on Pinterest, looking for ideas for the herringbone pattern increased by 131% over the last year.

The technique consists of applying orevestimento a row on the format of the spine of the fish, following the direction of the wall. And if it's before the common era, the use of strips of wood, today, we can see ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl, paquê, and even in the porcelain tiles have already been on that bandwagon. And it's not just on the floor, on the wall, you can also get this pattern, it is very versatile and a great choice for adding dimension, leaving the more cutting-edge.

Door color

With paint and decor, the doors of the house, they can also be a great option for those who want to give you one if you are in the environment. This can be done in many ways. On the hunt for inspirations about colorful doors has increased by 121% over the last year.

As well as a roof, a door, a vibrant, or a pattern interesting you can give a new look to any room.

In indoor environments, and they enhance the decor and help you give life to the place. In the outdoors, make the streets more colourful, and give you a welcome to your guests.

If you are still not sure about the play in the paint in the door, you can move more quietly. Experiment with paper, contact paper, wallpaper or even washi tape (which you can find at the stationery store). You can invent designs and patterns are very diverse.

Plant standard

The leaves, colourful and patterned they are, the bet on the turn. In general, the plants that come from being successful in your decor, it's been a long time ago, but as of now, the quest for plants to standard grew by over 533% in the last year, and the trend remains strong.

Special mention deserves the maranta, the new darling of those who love the decor. In the family Marantaceae, such a plant is well-known for the vein color in the leaves, and he promises to make good in any room.

Here are some other plants that are ideal for apartment living.

The art on the wall

Allah, the all-white walls! The focus of the time, it is the paintings, pictures, posters, and whatever else comes to mind let you put it on the wall. Your search for wall art has increased by 637%. The idea is to take advantage of it, even without the fear of being happy!!!

The color of the Subject

The sage has come to bring a softness to the surroundings. In this plant, the leaves of the gray has been chosen as the neutral tone of the day. Your search for “clary sage” rose by more than 170%, and the result is a comfortable room in neutral colours, but are full of character.

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